September 3, 2014

Cost savings achieved in multi-layer rigid flex for defibrillators


PFC received a gerber and drawing package from a medical company that manufactures defibrillators. The requirement was for a 5 layer rigid flex, impedance controlled, assembled with smt components and a through hole connector. Cost was important.


The reason for choosing a rigid flex design:

  • Requirements for components on top and bottom of the circuit
  • Stiffened area for smt component mounting
  • Multilayer flex to support EMI and impedance requirements

Proposed Solution:

The need for designing a rigid flex is to allow component mounting on both sides of the circuit. In this particular instance, the only component on one side of the circuit was a connector with through-hole solder tails.

PFC recommended a three layer flex with plated through-hole stiffener:

  • This allowed smt components to be mounted on one side of the stiffened circuit
  • The plated through-hole stiffener allowed PFC to solder the connector from the backside of the stiffener
  • The multilayer flex circuit met the impedance and EMI requirements the customer required


  • Lowered the number of copper layers from 5 to 3
  • Lowered the overall cost by 30%

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