Pre-production/design analysis automated optical inspection

  • Design review
  • Net list approval
  • CAD design – layout / panelization
  • Fabrication – drawings / documentation
  • Deliverables

AOI (automated optical inspection)

PFC performs 100% etch inspection utilizing the latest AOI technology. This system is a computerized scanning process that compares etched details of the circuit panel to the original electronic file (gerber) that was used to create the artwork photo tool. All features are checked including:

  • Pad sizes and locations
  • Line width and spacing
  • Hole locations
  • Annular ring (based on product type)
  • Any other etched features

Once the product is scanned, if any defects are discovered, they are downloaded to a verification station where a technician confirms the defect.

Electrical test

When specified by the customer, PFC will perform
testing based on the electrical requirements:

  • Dielectric withstanding voltage
  • Continuity
  • Isolation
  • Insulation resistance
  • Hi pot
  • High voltage

Test fixtures are customized for each part, either single sided or double sided test. Flying Probe electrical test system is available for low volume or ultra fine circuitry.

Cross-section analysis

In process and final micro-section analysis is performed for verification of plating and etching integrity

  • Etchback
  • Smear removal
  • Negative etchback (when required)
  • Copper thickness
  • Inner layer connections

Laminate integrity – both flex and rigid

  • Copper layer thickness verification
  • Thermal stress testing
  • Measured using x-ray fluorescence – plating finish
  • Environmental / chemical analysis
  • Certain environmental testing can be performed in-house
  • Ionic contamination