ITAR 126.5

PFC is a Canadian corporation. Section 126.5 (c) of the ITAR regulations provides an exemption for the export of technical data to Canada as necessary for the performance of certain “defense services”. This allows PFC to participate on ITAR programs under the following circumstances:

  • Build to print – PFC can produce a defense article from engineering drawings without technical assistance
  • Build/design to specification – PFC can design and build a defense article from specifications without technical assistance
  • Basic research – systematic study directed toward greater knowledge

Controlled Goods Program

Additionally, PFC is registered with the Controlled Goods Directorate of the Canadian Government pursuant to the Controlled Goods Registration program.

Through this program PFC is entitled to possess or transfer controlled goods through the Defense Production Act and the Controlled Goods Regulation of Canada.

  • The Controlled Goods program is part of an agreement between the US Government and the Canadian Government.
  • In order to be granted admission into the Controlled Goods Program PFC has to adhere to certain rules and regulations agreed upon by the US and Canada.

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