April 20, 2015

laserdrillBelow are some highlights from a joint press release PFC will be issuing with ESI. ESI is a leading global supplier of innovative laser-based manufacturing solutions for the micro-machining industry.  PFC has just purchased their Model 5335 Laser Processing System.

The new laser processing system will allow PFC to make smaller vias, blind and buried vias, and to cut smaller features in the circuits. It also allows us to really begin to discuss HDI technology.

We will be going into more detail about HDI technology and how PFC is a leader in North America over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

PFC Flexible Circuits Limited, a North American leader in flexible circuit design, manufacture and assembly, announced today the acquisition of an ESI Model 5335 Laser Processing System. PFC will use the ESI laser-based manufacturing solution for supporting blind and buried vias, micro- sized vias and miniature features in flexible circuits.

“PFC has been supplying fine line technology for the last eight years. With the addition of the Model 5335, PFC can now support true HDI flex technologies,” said Steve Kelly, President of PFC.

PFC chose the Model 5335 in part because of its high throughput capabilities. The Model 5335 can drill 50 micron blind via holes at a rate of 32,000 holes per minute. Optimized for via drilling and profiling flexible circuits and rigid-flexible printed circuit boards, the Model 5335 is also flexible enough for general micromachining and patterning,

“We were looking to update our drilling technology without losing throughput. The Model 5335 not only will increase our drilling throughput, and give us a technological edge over many of our competitors, but will also save floor space in our drilling area,” said Anish Somaiya, Vice President of PFC Flexible Circuits Limited.

Click here for more information ESI’s Model 5335 Laser Processing system.