July 18, 2014

PFC Flexible Circuits Limited was filmed in April of 2013 for the Discovery Channel’s “How It’s Made”. The video aired on April 17, 2014 in the US. The show will air soon in Canada. Check back on our website for more details. “How It’s Made” is broadcast in 180 countries and is translated into many languages.

PFC was filmed in conjunction with DuPont Materials featuring their Pyralux and Kapton products. The 4:40 second video was split between DuPont and PFC plants.

The production company, Raj Productions, out of Montreal, had the film crew come through PFC’s plant to film our manufacturing process. The filming took 1 full day. The rest of the filming, editing, voice over, scheduling etc. took 9 more months.

We will have a copy available on our NEW web site. Check back soon to click on the video and enjoy.