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Gain valuable industry insight into flex circuit high speed, low loss materials

PFC recently worked in partnership with DuPont and Taconic in developing new materials for flex circuit fabrication. Responding to a growing need for high speed, low loss materials in the flex circuit market, a combination of materials from DuPont and Taconic were processed and evaluated by PFC with remarkable results. A white paper was jointly presented at DesignCon 2016 titled “Lower Loss and Process Friendly Multi-layer Flexible Interconnect” with Glenn Oliver of DuPont, Tom McCarthy of Taconic, and our very own Steve Kelly of PFC Flexible Circuits Limited.


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Most multilayer interconnect development at high speeds (>20 Gbps) has focused on rigid circuit board materials as transmission media. Similar higher speed trends are occurring in flexible circuitry. Until recently, multi-layer flexible circuits have been limited at high frequencies due to the lossy nature of the bondply (prepreg) material. This paper will discuss alternatives to the traditional high-loss adhesives to enable higher frequency applications of flexible circuits.

– Excerpt from white paper