1. Project schedule

  • Prototype schedule, need date?
  • Production start date?
  • Monthly/annual volumes?

2. Mechanical drawing

  • Outline and tooling dimensions provided?
  • Stack-up construction defined for this part?
  • Any bending area? 3-D drawing?
  • Plating finish decided? discussed?
  • Standard materials? UL construction required?
  • Circuit property requirements defined: Tg, Cu Thickness?
  • For designs with keypads, dome, dimple, has contact finish been discussed?
  • Have major/critical dimensions been identified?

3. Gerber files

  • Circuit patterns
  • Coverlay opening
  • Stiffener lay up
  • Component mounting legend marking with polarities indicated?

4. BOM

  • Any special components? e.g. BGA, Flip chip IC, heat bond components?
  • Minimum component-to-component spacing? More than 0.2 mm
  • Assembly drawing?
  • Any plug or “male” connector been used?
  • Solder type?
  • Any through hole components or hand solder operations required?
  • Connector:
    – Stiffener to be applied behind the connector?
    – Do any via holes/pads fall on the edge of stiffener?
    – FR4 stiffener edge away from via pads more than 0.5mm

5. Application issues

Bending area requirement:

  • Require single-side construction?
  • Any via holes/pads fall on the bending area?
  • Require thinner material?
  • Any Nickel/Gold plating on the bending area?

6. Product manufacturability

  • Shield required? Can silver foil/ paste be used?
  • Electro Plating? Hard or soft gold requirements?
  • Any hot bar or heat seal process?
  • Can the outline be changed to improve panelization?
  • Can design be held to one sided SMT?
  • Can a single finishing be used?
  • ET requirements:
    – Has the ET process been discussed with regard to jigs, procedure?
    – Functional tester required?
    – Any issues with connector testing? Pitch?
    – Any Fine pitch components(Less than 0.4 mm)

7. Packaging and Documentation Requirements

  • Shipped singular or in mini-panels?
  • Any special packaging requirements?
  • Any special shipping requirements?

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