ZIF connectors are a great low cost interconnect solution. While it simplifies assemblies, there is care needed to be taken in designing the ZIF interface for a flex circuit. Below are some general rules. Every ZIF connector manufacturer will call out different dimensional requirements, so be prepared to provide a connector specification when asking for a quotation.


  • Zif end traces should be pulled back 0.25 mm. from the outline to avoid damage during die cutting.


~ electroplated gold unless you want this built with no outside connections

~ rigid flex due to electrical test considerations

  • Make sure your drawings/files clearly shows what is top and what is bottom


  • Coverlay openings need to be a minimum of 0.25 mm. larger than the through hole. This is not acceptable for class 3 product
  • The web between two coverlay openings should be at least 0.25 mm. To provide adequate adhesion
  • Do not have any coverlay opening line up to the stiffener below
  • It is much more difficult to register a soldermask- try to design to .075 -0.1.mm minimum space mask edge to feature and minimum solder mask width of 0.1mm.
  • For a coverlay increase the above by a factor of 2

Please contact PFC if you additional questions regarding your ZIF design.