Electronic equipment, in many cases, require a UL (Underwriters Laboratory) certification. In turn, the components that make up the electronic system must be certified. Flex circuits are included.

UL does not require the flex circuit itself to be approved or certified, but instead, must be manufactured using UL approved flexible circuit material and manufacturing processes. In order to get an approval from UL, PFC provides UL with documentation and samples of a specific construction (specific stack up of polyimide, copper and adhesive).

UL will test and approve that specific construction. Once the construction is approved, PFC can use that specific construction on other circuits as UL approved construction.

PFC is recognised for a full range of Dupont materials ( including AP and FR laminates and coverlays ) and a full range of Panasonic and Espanex materials, all of which are UL approved flexible circuit material. Additionally, PFC just had the full line of Taiyo “BN” soldermasks recognized for any color.

Visit the UL website for many of the approved constructions for PFC and more information on UL approved flexible circuit material.

Download our UL pdf for further information.