July 21, 2014

PFC would like to receive a drawing and gerber files for a quotation.

Drawing – A circuit mechanical drawing either fully dimensioned or in an AutoCAD digital format. PFC will use this drawing to measure and create the design, as well as a reference for test and inspection at the end of the fabrication process.

Gerber Files – Data files of the circuit design, outline and drill data. The preferred format is Gerber or dxf. PFC will compare the drawing provided to the files to ensure that all match.

Materials – Circuit materials must be detailed including circuit finishes such as tin lead, tin, HASL, ENIG, nickel-gold

Certifications – of the materials for circuit and assemblies are to be specified, such as RoHS, UL, product Class 1, 2 or 3, any testing certifications you may require.

Product Markings – part numbers, date codes, label requirements

Panelization – The format you want the circuit delivered, such as single parts, mini-panels ready for assembly, partially assembled, fully assembled.

Bill of Materials – For assemblies, a Bill of Material (BOM) is required. This includes part descriptions, preferred vendors and package sizes. It is required to quote the components of an assembly. Components can be consigned.

Circuit Functionality – A brief description of how the circuit will function in a static or dynamic mode will allow the best choice of material and circuit layout.

Quantities and Schedule – Quantities (how many over what period of time) will help define the tooling and fabrication approach. Target costs can also help define the manufacturing and tooling approach.

Data Submission – Quotation data can be sent by email to your local representative, Regional Sales Manager or Customer Service. If this is your first time working with PFC, files can be sent to sales@pfcflex.com.

You can visit www.pfcflex.com/pfc-quotation-checklist or contact us for more information.