PFC designs, manufactures, and assembles flexible printed circuits and rigid flex all under one roof!

  • PFC has an accumulation of 100’s of years of flex design and manufacturing experience specific to the flex circuit industry.
  • PFC spends an average of 10 hours evaluating a customer’s flex CAD layout, materials, bend radius, plating, etc. with the goal of making it right the first time.
  • PFC ships  millions of flexible circuits and flex assemblies per year with a 99% quality score.
  • 80% of PFC’s circuits are shipped assembled.
  • PFC’s employee turnover rate is less than 1% in over 17 years.
  • PFC continues to invest in technology with the goal of staying ahead of the curve required in the industry.
  • PFC produces circuits with 50 micron line and space every day and is working on prototypes at 40 micron line and space.
  • PFC can produce up to 16 layer rigid flex.